Jan 21, 2013

How To Unlock All Phone Free Through Android Spy

Android Spy 1.0v.

Android Spy do everything for you without buying dongle to unlocking your phone or without taking your phone to a unlocking shop, all you have to do is just download it to your pc and fellow the keypad codes and the tip & trick in this software through via connection, but you have to be careful also ,some code can also lock your phone or spoil your phone

Android Spy is able to unlock as many phones we cannot mention
All Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Iphone, Ipad, Htc, Google Nexus, even your satellite decoder

One of the best free unlocking programs in its category. 

We hope that you will be satisfied with Android Spy!

And that you will enjoy using the program.

 Free of charge, any of our Software is free, please report any Site have ask you

For ***, or donation, or Money, But you can only donate through Our Android Spy 

Only, any others Site ask you to pay before download please report then to us

Thank you for installing Android Spy

Once again our program is totally FREE!!! Be warn but your donation might be needed to improve 

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Android spy V1.0

Unlock all your phone free, both PDA and Ipad and lock Laptop...

for those of you who dont have frame work 4.0 you need to download net.40 before you can run this unlocking tool applicaiton

download framework v4.0