Facebook Scripts for Macros 2013

Tutorial for facebook page likes,Subs,Youtube,subscribes,Likes and views.


*Mozilla Firefox Download
*IMacros Firefox Plugin Download
*My JavaScript  Download
*Addmefast Account Register  AddMeFast

1.Open Firefox then download the Imacros plugin link above.

2.Now download my Javascript

3.Once downloaded go to documents-->imacros-->Macros-->Demo-Firefox and drop the
download addmefastbot.js script file in here should look similar to this...pic bellow.

4.Now close Firefox and open it again so the js file will be in imacros.

5.Register an account with AddMeFast link above in requirements

6.Now go to MySites on Addmefast then hit the plus sign choose facebook likes
and type in your facebook page you want liking in the URL also make sure daily clicks
and total clicks are set to OFF and in CPC set to 8 and hit save changes
Note:If you want youtube subscribes just change it to youtube subscribes or likes or
facebook subscribes with the same setup

10.Now just type in there 1000000 and click okay

11.Now this will just start earning you points and because you added your link at the beginning
of the tutorial you will now constantly get likes as-long as your bot is running.

My method got me 1600 fan page likes in 24 hours and i just left it running now the bot is running
go and check your Facebook likes,subs or YouTube views,subs or likes you will be impressed as-long
as you leave the bot running you will keep getting boosted Wink